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Summer skin

Summer skin

Clients often ask me how to protect their skin from UV damage, sun damage and pre-mature aging.

The sun feels good on our skin but sun goddesses beware! Here’s my shortlist of do’s and don’ts for Summer sun kissed skin.

1. Keep those peepers covered. Sunglasses not only add style but protect your eyes and skin! Wearing sunglasses will prevent squinting, and thus help prevent crow’s feet and fine lines and wrinkles from forming. Sunglasses also block out UV rays so the fragile skin around the eyes is protected from sun damage. Don’t forget your lips and hair if you are going to be spending time in the sun use spf for lips and UV protection for hair! Make sure the glasses have adequate UV filters.

2. Tinted spf for the face adds that hint of colour to your skin giving you that sun kissed glow or add a little shimmer with a bronzer but make sure your using spf daily throughout the summer and into the fall. Remember that to follow the instructions and re-apply according to directions to avoid over exposure.

3. When applying face or body moisturizer do it when the skin in still damp from the shower. Not only will you use less product it will cool you down on hot days.

4. If you want that sun kissed glow and no makeup try an organic self tanner. Best practise is to exfoliate before applying any self tanner for even skin tone results. My favourite of course is the elaspa bamboo exfoliant for face and elaspa sugar scrub for my body so that self tanner penetrates evenly and creates the look that I want without having to sit in the sun. Try true natural, Santorini sunless tanning lotion or Chocolate Sun Absolute Sunless Tanning Cream all with no DHA.

5. Lighten up your skin care regimen! The days of finding that perfect cream and sticking with it to the end of time are done. Mixing it up and switching it up are best practices for healthy nurtured skin year-round. This summer I’m switching it up and using elaspa peeling gel 2 times a week instead and then using oxygenating serum and moisturizer at night. During the day I use elaspa hyaluronic acid and a tinted spf! I even go a shade darker on my face in summer with a little blush for a sun-kissed look every day.