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Created by a team of dermatologists, engineers and software developers this professional system integrates high resolution camera, sensors and innovative software to deliver a comprehensive skin analysis by measuring essential skin parameters.



  • Increases treatment bookings and product sales
  • Supports your expertise and professional recommendations
  • Built-in database allows for tracking clients’ skin improvements
  • Enhances your clients’ satisfaction and loyalty
  • Assists in developing more effective treatment plans



  • Advanced digital technology with physical and optical measuring system
  • Provides professional skin analysis of 8 essential skin parameters
  • Generates an automatic report with treatment and homecare recommendations
  • Build-in database to monitor clients’ improvements
  • Compatible with Windows, Framework and DirectX
I loved using the elaspa skin analyzer! It gave me so much useful information. For the first time, I actually had a full understanding of my underlying skin issues, which I never considered before. I also appreciated receiving a report with lifestyle recommendations and very useful information on how to prevent various skin issues. Suggestions for skin care products and ingredients are also much appreciated... I don’t have to guess anymore and waste money on products which don’t work for me. Overall, great, professional service which I would recommend to anyone who wants to know how to take care of their skin properly. 5 stars!
- Lori M., customer



A short diagnosis allows examining client’s skin condition with 8 parameters:

  • skin structure
  • desquamation
  • sebaceous glands activity
  • pigmentation
  • blood vessels
  • pores size
  • moisture level
  • wrinkle width

Each of the 8 skin parameters are evaluated in detail. Customers are shown their skin’s conditions and needs. The report assists professionals in developing more effective treatment plans and recommending homecare regimen.



elaspa skin analyzer generates an electronic skin analysis report for each client. The report comes in a pdf format allowing patients and practitioners to access it online or in print format. The report includes detailed explanation of each skin condition and potential causes. Additional information includes suggested lifestyle changes, recommended professional treatments, best suited homecare products and ingredients for the client. The system creates an automatic database to track the success of the treatments.




This user friendly system can be installed in a few minutes. The device is simply connected to your computer with an USB cord (provided) and step-by-step instructions will guide you to quickly access the program.


Provides comprehensive professional skin analysis

Perfect tool for spas, clinics, pharmacies

Generates custom report for each client with:

  • in-depth skin analysis
  • treatment recommendations
  • homecare recommendations
  • lifestyle suggestions

Includes integrated database system to monitor client’s improvements

Examines 8 essential skin parameters:

  • skin structure
  • desquamation
  • sebaceous glands activity
  • pigmentation
  • blood vessels
  • pores size
  • moisture level
  • wrinkle width

User friendly and easy to setup