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As the seasons change so does our skin. The biggest secret step to healthy, younger looking skin is a really simple one.

No matter what your skin type, you should physically and gently exfoliate your face, neck and décolleté with our elaspa gentle bamboo exfoliator. It will become your favourite skin care tool in your tool kit!

Why exfoliate? To get rid of dead skin cells and surface debris on the skin and to reveal youthful skin. Exfoliated skin will better absorb active ingredients from your skincare products and removing dead skin cells and build-up will help keep away breakouts and inflammation.

Remember, for that girl next door dewy, glowy skin it’s this easy…exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! But only when your exfoliating product will not cause micro-scratches so don’t use products which, for example, use crushed rice or peach pits… these are sharp spheres that will only cause damage to your skin.

This is how to add exfoliation to your current regime for powerful results:

How often you should exfoliate:

  • daily for oily skin
  • twice a week for regular skin
  • once a week for sensitive skin (using wet fingers)

How to Exfoliate: (I always do my extended skin care at night and in the morning just wash my face with elaspa optimal facial cleanser, apply elaspa hyaluronic acid and oxygenating cream forte and off I go for the day)

Daily Routine to reveal your healthy and youthful skin:

Step 1
Cleanse with elaspa optimal facial cleanser for 1-2 minutes, for best results wet your hands first.

Step 2
Using circular motion use 1-2 pumps of the elaspa gentle bamboo exfoliator and massage gently in a circular motion on face, neck and décolleté for about 2 minutes for most people, up to 1 minute for sensitive skin. Rinse with water.

Step 3
Pump 1-2 pumps of the elaspa enzymatic toner onto hands and pat onto skin post exfoliation.

Step 4
Next your favourite elaspa serum and moisturizer. Mine are the anti-aging serum intensive and anti-aging cream forte or oxygenating cream forte depending on the season.

Active Ingredients of elaspa gentle bamboo exfoliator:

  • Bamboo round micro spheres – granular exfoliator
  • Vitamin E – anti-oxidant, moisturizing, healing
  • Rose Hydrosol – soothing, calming, softening, desensitizing, keeps moisture balance!

Why exfoliate with elaspa gentle bamboo exfoliant? Because it has spherical bamboo that will not cause any micro-scratches on the skins surface plus Shea butter, vitamin E and Rose Hydrosol will leave your skin moisturized, soothed and calm even after exfoliating! And we do not use nano particles, either!

Change up your skin care routine this season!