Ready set summer travel tips for skin success this summer!

Summer travel is just around the corner. In the excitement of packing and planning do not forget to include skincare essentials. I like to pack small bottles of my favourites for when my skin flares up and of course my tinted spf and exfoliant.

We often forget that the skin we pampered each day for months can be ruined by the parties, late nights, irregular diets, alcohol or humid and hot weather. While you are enjoying your summer vacation, you may not have the time to keep up your skincare routine but always best to try nightly to tuck your skin in. You may find that in hot weather using a serum at night for oil control and moisture goes a long way the next morning.

Tips to save your skin:

1. Drink lots and lots of water
The biggest sabotage to skin during vacations is the dry, arid, re-circulated air in flights. Even if it is a short flight, you step out of the plane with visibly duller skin. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. You could also carry a face mist that will help you hydrate you skin or put on a nourishing cream during the flight. Who says you can’t have your own in flight facial.

2. Carry your favourite moisturiser
Don’t forget your skincare routine while travelling. A good cleanser and moisturiser will take care of your skin re- quirements during the journey. The cleanser will get rid of the impurities and sebum, and makeup, and the moisturizer will supply your skin with necessary emollients and provide a barrier against environmental factors. If you are wearing spf be sure to exfoliate the skin every couple of nights as spf’s with zinc can clog the pores and leave your skin feeling oily. A daily moisturizer with aloe is refreshing for summer.

3. Multitask with makeup
Keep your makeup routine as basic as possible, since you won’t have the time to do your regular routine and probably won’t be able to carry your full arsenal. For instance, try a blush-highlight duo stick that can be applied directly on your skin. You could use lipstick as blush, and just a matte SPF cream in place of foundation and powder. Waterproof mascara will keep you looking fresh!

4. Travel light
Purchase a smaller version of your favourites in travel sizes or make your own with smaller 35ml travel bottles. Just enough for 10 days of travel. Don’t forget your eye-makeup remover and exfoliant! Oh, and my favourite trick is to do a mask the first night after landing to rehydrate my skin from the flight.

5. Carry a lip balm
The skin on your lips is fragile and thinner than on the rest of the face. So, the first area to take the hit in terms of dryness is the lips. Keep your lips hydrated and kiss (or pout) worthy with your trusted lip balm.

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