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I’m a professional makeup artist and I love elaspa. I’ve been using elaspa on productions that featured Julia Roberts, Vera Farmiga and Rihanna. Everybody loves elaspa, and we had such wonderful results from it. It’s one of the top lines in the world. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Naomi Bakstad
Emmy nominated celebrity makeup artist (Godzilla, Fifty Shades of Grey, Wonder)

I discovered elaspa products while on set. Long days under bright lights, precious little sleep (which inevitably leads to too much caffeine) and a constant re-application of makeup left my skin irritated and “spotty”. The elaspa products cleared all that up. My skin is now consistent, it feels hydrated and happy. I can’t start or end my day without their incredible hyaluronic acid. Organic, ethically sourced products are very important to me and elaspa has checked all the boxes. I really do love this line.

Emilie Ullerup
actress (Sanctuary, Chesapeake Shores, Love & Glamping)

I have been using elaspa products for sometime now and can confidently say my skin is the happiest, healthiest and glowiest it has ever been – I absolutely LOVE this line.

Carina Pacitto
model @carinafashion

Finally found my dream natural skincare line that’s gentle but effective and gives real lasting results. I thought my skin would get used to it over time and the products would slowly show less improvement like with other organic products I’ve tried… but I’ve been using elaspa for over three years now and my skin is the happiest it’s ever been!
Every single product I’ve used has noticeably improved the health and natural balance of my sensitive skin – my favorites are the optimal facial cleanser and bamboo exfoliant. I love that the line is made from a super concentrated blend of botanic ingredients, free of parabens, synthetics, and fragrances (yet every lotion smells so yummy and calming!) and I adore that the brand is environmentally conscious. Thank you elaspa for creating quality, trustworthy products that have given me back a healthy, loving relationship with my skin!

Kelly Missal
actress (The Crossing, One LIfe to Live, Law and Order)

I’ve been using elaspa products for a year and a half now. I was working on a TV show called Deadly Class and my skin started breaking out like it never did before. I had pimples on my cheeks and my chin. The makeup artist on the show told me about the elaspa products that she’d been using and referred me to Irena for treatments. Since then, I’ve noticed a dramatic change in my skin. I’ve used so many different products from different brands and never noticed any changes as big as this one. The Elaspa products are not irritating my skin, always hydrating and leaving my skin looking amazing. I also really love that the brand uses natural ingredients that don’t cause any discomfort and redness to the skin. One product I swear by is the eye cream. My eyelashes have grown since I’ve been using this eye cream and I don’t need to put mascara since then! I used to be insecure about my breakouts and now I’m so grateful for all the elaspa products that I’m using.

Naomi Frenette
actress, stunt performer (X-Men, Pompeii, Deadly Class, Sur-Vie)

I’ve been a professional makeup artist working in film as well as doing editorials, commercial shoots and teaching my craft to others. It’s something that I am very passionate about and I’m always searching for new products that are long lasting and effective, but of course organic.
Skin is everything (as all women know) and it can potentially “make or break” a makeup. When I was introduced to elaspa line I was excited to try their products as it’s free of all synthetic chemicals and preservatives. But of course the big question is “will it work?” And I can honestly say after using the line on every actor, model and client that I apply makeup on, its not only effective but the results are amazing. I have literally seen the difference with my own eyes. I am obsessed with elaspa hyaluronic acid and oxygenating cream forte. Both work great under makeup! Thank you Ela for creating such a wonderful line!

Rebekah Bak
celebrity Makeup

I am so grateful to have been introduced to elaspa. This beautifully crafted European skincare line uses nothing but the highest quality ingredients and achieves major results!! My favourite is the enzymatic toner. This toner levels out my skin’s pH making it even and perfect for absorbing my serums. Everytime my skin is acting up, usually from some other skincare line I’ve been tempted into trying, I always come back to elaspa. It truly is the best.

Shannon Chan-Kent
singer, actress, dancer (Silver Spoon, Smolder, My Little Pony)

Discovered amazing things in Canada including my new obsession! Found an incredible organic skincare line elaspa.

After using your AMAZING line, you have completely stolen my heart!
I absolutely love elaspa line and have noticed an incredible change in my skin.

Beverley Mitchell
actress and country singer (7th Heaven, Hollywood Darlings)

Whenever I travel outside of NYC for work, my skin acts up due to the change in the water. Irena in Vancouver was able to save my face and get it camera ready without aggravating my already sensitive skin. She introduced me to elaspa products. They use only organic and natural ingredients, unlike many other products that uses harsh chemicals. We eat organic foods and avoid processed products, why should we stop at skincare?

Lili Jun Li
actress (Quantico, Exorcist, Blindspot, Wu Assassins)

My first experience with elaspa was when I had moved to Vancouver for four months to shoot a season of a TV show called Deadly Class. I had to keep a clean shave for my character who was 17. Very important. Unfortunately, I have sensitive skin, and course hair. With the daily application of makeup, and constant shaving, I developed severe razor bumps on my face and neck. Ingrown hairs, redness, and inflammation. It was very uncomfortable. My makeup team sent me to Irena who got to work on repairing my damaged skin. The facials were great, and the elaspa products she gave me put the responsibility in my hands to get serious about skincare. My face is my job, and this was the first time someone taught me about how important it is to respect it, and care for it. Over the course of a few weeks the problem faded away. Now, over a year later my skin is healthy and clear. elaspa helped repair my skin, and also helped me learn how to maintain healthy skin.

Luke Tennie
actor (Shock and Awe, Deadly Class, Thriller)

To the wonderful people at elaspa!
I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your products. I have had Rosacea on and off for over 20 years and I’m finding the elaspa Oxygenating Serum very soothing and calming. I use that first and then use the Nourishing Cream Concentrate. My word for that cream is luxurious. It’s thick and rich and sinks right in and has the best smell.
You know it’s good for you because it’s mostly organic and full of Botanicals. My appearance has brightened considerably and my face is not as dry. I especially notice the different around my eyes and neck.
Thank you for making this product. It is going to revolutionize the cream market for Men and Women of any age and I am very happy you are finally in North America. Simply put – “the product sells itself”.

Carol Milne
Film and Television Producer

have been using elaspa products and I am absolutely loving them!!
The bamboo exfoliator is divine! And the hyaluronic acid is so lovely!!

Sarah Graham
2 time Emmy nominee celebrity makeup artist (Once Upon a Time, Supernatural, Timeless)

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