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A convergence of science with organic ingredients
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After using your AMAZING line, you have completely stolen my heart!
I absolutely love elaspa line and have noticed an incredible change in my skin.

Beverley Mitchell

actress and country singer

July 2015

There is simply no other professional skincare line available that combines elaspa’s amazing level of scientific advancement with the highest level of certified organic ingredients. The results are outstanding! My personal favorites are the Lactobionic Acid Cream and Hyaluronic Acid 2in1 – I never leave home without them.

Blade Tiessen

Para-Medical Esthetician

Anti-Aging Clinic

Orillia, ON

I’ve been a professional makeup artist for close to 10 years now, working in film as well as doing editorials, commercial shoots and teaching my craft to others. It’s something that I am very passionate about and I’m always searching for new products that are long lasting and effective, but of course organic.
Skin is everything (as all women know) and it can potentially “make or break” a makeup. When I was introduced to elaspa line I was excited to try their products as it’s free of all synthetic chemicals and preservatives. But of course the big question is “will it work?” And I can honestly say after using the line on every actor, model and client that I apply makeup on, its not only effective but the results are amazing. I have literally seen the difference with my own eyes. I am obsessed with elaspa hyaluronic acid and oxygenating cream forte. Both work great under makeup!
Thank you Ela for creating such a wonderful line!

Rebekah Bak

celebrity Makeup Artist


To the wonderful people at elaspa!
I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your products. I have had Rosacea on and off for over 20 years and I’m finding the elaspa Oxygenating Serum very soothing and calming. I use that first and then use the Nourishing Cream Concentrate. My word for that cream is luxurious. It’s thick and rich and sinks right in and has the best smell.
You know it’s good for you because it’s mostly organic and full of Botanicals. My appearance has brightened considerably and my face is not as dry. I especially notice the different around my eyes and neck.
Thank you for making this product. It is going to revolutionize the cream market for Men and Women of any age and I am very happy you are finally in North America. Simply put – “the product sells itself”.

Carol Milne

Film and Television Producer

Vancouver, BC

May 2015

We love elaspa skincare because the results are immediate. I did my first facial with elaspa products on a client with a stubborn acne condition whom I have been treating for a couple of years without any noticeable improvements. Just after one facial with ElaSpa products, the improvements were noticeable immediately afterwords! I love working with elaspa products.


Aesthetician at Pink Lime Salon & Spa

Vancouver, BC

May 2015

I LOVE elaspa Nourishing Cream Concentrate! The first time I tried it I wasn’t sure because the texture is different than the lotion to which I’ve become accustomed, but after that initial try I was in! I am ready to buy more and tell all my friends about it. I use it every day and know I will run out soon.

Marg N.

Health Administration Consultant

Chicago, Illinois

April 2015

We can’t keep this product on our shelf! Our clients just love it; not only is it organic but it is also designed to produce scientific results. At Magnolia elaspa skin care it is our #1 product!

Irena Gavrilov

Head Esthetician

Magnolia Regeneration Skin & Body Clinic

Vancouver, BC

An intelligently designed skincare line where a compact number of essentials, serums and creams dramatically improve all major skin conditions quickly.

Ben Tiessen


Anti-Aging Clinic

Orillia, ON

Elaspa serums are silky and luxurious to the touch and absorb beautifully into the skin. I love that I can cocktail the serums, mixing and matching the active botanicals to target a client’s individual needs. When infused with my ultrasonic device, I’m seeing instant plumping and smoothing. My clients are raving: “My skin loved it! I saw the plumping you described and the line above my lip really softened. This facial created the most noticeable changes to my skin of all your facials and I would do it again for sure.

Kristen Cheyne

Facial Expressions Skincare Studio

Owner, Licensed Esthetician & Certified Oncology Esthetician

March 2015

As the owner of Magnolia Regeneration, when it comes to skin care products, to me it’s all about pure ingredients. 100% natural, European certified organic with a 2 year shelf life and a biodegradable package seemed too good to be true! We have used elaspa products for over 4 months and elaspa skincare has become our exclusive brand! The philosophy behind the company brings superior results, but it also speaks of dedication to caring for the environment as well as the client.

Yvonne Williams

Owner of Magnolia Regeneration Skin & Body Clinic

Vancouver, BC

I wanted to let you know what people have been saying about my facial skin as a result of using elaspa products. Both my parents commented very favourably over Easter and I see them only every couple of months so that was interesting. They thought my skin glowed and I looked youthful. My sister also commented on the appearance of my skin and its youthfulness. Upon returning from a business trip, my husband said I looked great, positive and glowing. Friends have made similar comments on my appearance. My skin feels supple and I too notice that my rosacea is now minimal. My dryness is gone. Recently, I lent my husband the moisturizer when he traveled to Las Vegas on business. He was amazed by the moisturizing properties of the cream, and how it felt on his skin. In short, for me “I feel the results in my skin, not just on my skin”.

Violetta L.

Art Consultant & Digital Media Strategist

Vancouver, BC

April 2015

I’ve appreciated the opportunity to try the elaspa Anti-Redness Cream Forte. I don’t normally use any men’s facial products other than shaving cream. However, I must say that the first time and every occasion since, I have really “felt” the cream when applied. I like how the cream comes out of the bottle in a pre-measured amount, with no thoughts of have I used too much or too little. It feels less so of putting the cream “on” than the cream going “in”. It says revitalizing on the label; an apt description. I have never experienced any lotion, potion or cream that seems to go into the skin as opposed to sitting on the skin. It makes my face feel fresh and alive and I’m even more ready for the day when I use it. I would highly recommend this product for how good it makes my face feel.

Michale Godin

Account Executive